Welcome To Touch By Miracle Scrubs!

Touch by Miracle Scrubs is designed to make you feel your best in uniform because when you look good you feel good.

Touch by Miracle Scrubs was started by our two amazing founders Samantha and Monique. They decided that the standard, off the rack, scrubs weren't good enough. Intelligent, fierce and confident ladies deserve scrubs that are unique and beautiful as they are!

We hope you enjoy looking and feeling your best in Touch By Miracle Scrubs!

  • Monique

    Hello, my name is Monique Founder/Owner of Touch by Miracle Scrubs. I am a native of Canton, MS. I have worked in the healthcare industry for 15+ years, Ive always strive to wear the most comfortable and stylish scrubs when I am working long hours. 

    I would often have conversations with my business partner, about recreating a new innovating functional uniforms for the  work force. I believed since scrubs are apart of the weekly wardrobe; why not create a uniform that was trendy and stylish, but yet most importantly having the highest level of comfortability and affordable! And that’s how Touch by Miracle Scrubs was created! 

  • Samantha

    My name is Samantha, the cofounder/owner of Touch by Miracle Scrubs. I'm a native of Canton, MS and has worked in healthcare for over 11 years. Working in healthcare can be one of the most physically demanding industries. I've always taken the upmost pride and dignity in caring for others, but often felt uncomfortable in the same old boy scrubs

    This was a vision of two medical professionals that came together to create a different look in the way you see medical scrubs today; Being a small business owner gives me the opportunity to create something not only for healthcare professionals, but for any business organization that wears medical apparel. So I'm stepping out on faith providing high quality scrubs that look as good at they feel.

    Why not look good while doing what you love! Let's touch lives and make miracles!